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Mobile phone saves lives: SMS in case of tsunami

Tourists and coastal residents can now protect themselves against tsunamis

Tübingen/Germany, November 2nd, 2005. From now on, parents and their children can again enjoy their beach holiday because tourists and residents of coastal areas can receive a in-time-message on their mobile phone in case a tsunami is threatening their lives in places where they are. This Tsunami Alarm System was invented and developed by scientists of the Heindl Internet AG and the 3M Future Ltd. to save people's lives and their property.

Since the tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka in December 2004, the fear among tourists and coastal residents has rapidly increased: A lot of parents are worrying about their lives and the lives of their children as especially children and elderly people had been the victims of the fatal catastrophe. They weren't able to react to the sudden threat fast and appropriate enough. Now the new Tsunami alarm system can warn people immediately and in every reachable place so that they can save their families and themselves.

People are not only in danger in far away countries, but also on European coasts. While children are building sandcastles on the Mediterranean and their parents are basking in the sun, no one thinks of a lethal flood wave. Yet, in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, tsunamis are not as rare as many people believe: About 10 per cent of all tsunamis happen in these regions.

The inventors of the High Tech system have done their very best: An alarming message on a mobile phone protects everyone, not matter where he is. Family, neighbours and other tourists can profit from the alarm system, too.

Customers can subscribe to the Tsunami Alarm System on the web site The one-year subscription costs only 29.95 Euro. There is also a monthly subscription for holidaymakers available for the price of 9.95 Euro.


Tsunami Alarm System - Tsunami Warning

About the Tsunami alarm system:

The idea of a tsunami alarm system arose in December 2004 in the aftermath of the devastating destruction of the Tsunami catastrophe in the Indian Ocean. The German professor Eduard Heindl and professor Wolfram Reiners wanted to use modern information technology to be able to warn people in time in case of similar occurrences, thus being able to better protect human life in the future. To achieve this, many systems must work together. The technical details of the Tsunami alarm system are filed for patent protection at the German patent office. Tsunami Alarm System is a joint venture between 3MFuture Ltd., Heindl Internet AG and PhiBlue Mobile Ltd., under the presidency of Wolfram Reiners and Eduard Heindl



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