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Earthquake Reports and Tsunami Warnings by Mobile Phone

Tsunami Website Now Also Shows Earthquake Events 

Tübingen/Germany, December 14, 2005. Devastating destruction and thousands of victims after the latest large earthquake in Pakistan have shown how powerless mankind can be in the face of natural disasters. A new Tsunami website now shows when and where earthquakes occur and how dangerous they are. The website is connected to several hundreds of measurement stations all over the world, with which it is in constant contact. Results received from these stations are immediately analysed and the results published on the website. This offer complements the first Tsunami Alarm System, which sends warnings to mobile phones and is offered on the Tsunami website.

Earthquakes can happen anywhere and more frequently than is realised. Every day, seismic stations all over the world record eight to ten tremors of size four or more on the Richter scale. Only a few of them are greater than size six, which would result in a disaster of the dimensions of the recent earthquake in Pakistan.

The Heindl Internet AG online service gives governments, disaster agencies, aid organisations, tourists, tour guides and journalists sufficient notice of such incidents and enables them to quickly initiate supporting measures. The Earthquake Information System processes seismic data from all over the world in only a few seconds. If there is a tremor in the earth's crust, it is recorded by hundreds of seismic stations worldwide. The information is then sent to earthquake research centres via satellite and fibre connections and the data is released on the internet. The Earthquake Information System analyses the data and prepares up-to-date warnings, which can be found on All current earthquake warnings are listed with the exact date, hour, size and the affected regions. Supplementary information and background data about earthquakes top the service.

In the future, this information will also be transmitted to mobile phones. People to whom this information is of special interest such as journalists or disaster helpers can then receive earthquake warnings within a few minutes. Thus, time can be saved and aid can be sent to stricken regions much faster.

The earthquake warning system is based on the technologies of the Tsunami Alarm System. This system forewarns holidaymakers and coastal residents of potential tsunami disasters like the one that devastated the coastal regions in Asia last year. In every reachable place in the world, people can receive a message on their mobile phone in case there is a threat to their lives in places where they are. They only have to register their mobile phone with the Tsunami Alarm System and in the event of an alarm it will send a message that cannot be ignored.

The Tsunami alarm system was invented and developed by the German scientists Professor Dr. Eduard Heindl, Heindl Internet AG in Tübingen/Germany and Professor Dr. Wolfram Reiners, 3M Future Ltd, Konstanz/Germany. Both are constantly reviewing the quality of the system and are developing it further through their research to the benefit of subscribers. While the research results have been filed for patent protection in Germany, further patents are in preparation.


About the Tsunami alarm system:

The idea of a tsunami alarm system arose in December 2004 in the aftermath of the devastating destruction of the Tsunami catastrophe in the Indian Ocean. The German professor Eduard Heindl and professor Wolfram Reiners wanted to use modern information technology to be able to warn people in time in case of similar occurrences, thus being able to better protect human life in the future. To achieve this, many systems must work together. The technical details of the Tsunami alarm system are filed for patent protection at the German patent office. Tsunami Alarm System is a joint venture between 3MFuture Ltd., Heindl Internet AG and PhiBlue Mobile Ltd., under the presidency of Wolfram Reiners and Eduard Heindl



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