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The main concern of 3MFuture is the sensible utilization of information technology. Founded in 2000, the business of the company centres on the security of distributed networks and eBusiness ( Its portfolio consists of a variety of investments and products in these areas. PSOCA is a mechanism of how secure card-based payments on the Internet can be executed. ARP-Guard protects organisations from ARP spoofing attacks. 3MFuture is involved in the area of Internet personals through its products DocuNet, the BusinessNet and The Tsunami Alarm System protects people worldwide from the effects of destructive tidal waves ( Internet privacy protection ( and outsourced customer contact centres are further engagements. 3MFuture has presence in Nevis, Caribbean, in Konstanz, Germany and in Pretoria, South Africa.


Prof. Dr. Wolfram Reiners is an entrepreneur with interests in various companies around information technology. He is Director of 3MFuture (, a company with focus on network security and eBusiness, and was on the board of PhiBlue Technologies South Africa as non-executive Director ( Dr. Reiners was appointed Professor for eBusiness Application Systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen/ Germany. Previously, he was an executive at Andersen Consulting. Manager of several high-tech implementations, e.g. the PPS system at Deutsche Post World Net AG, the Balanced Scorecard at Anglo American Corporation, the LOGIK Centre at the Ministry of Finance South Africa, founder and COO of Autris, an electronic marketplace for the automotive industry in South Africa (joint venture between Andersen Consulting, Impress Software, DNA Supply Chains), and others. Master of Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy.


Über Tsunami-Alarmsystem:

Tsunami-Alarmsystem wurde im Dezember 2004 ins Leben gerufen. Unter dem Eindruck der verheerenden Zerstörungen nach der Tsunami-Katastrophe im Indischen Ozean entstand bei den beiden deutschen Professoren Eduard Heindl und Wolfram Reiners der Wunsch, moderne Informationstechnologie einzusetzen, um Menschen vor einem so schrecklichen Ereignis warnen zu können. Menschenleben und Eigentum sollen so in Zukunft gerettet werden können. Hierzu müssen viele Systeme zuverlässig zusammenspielen. Die technischen Details des Tsunami-Alarmsystems sind zum Patent beim Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt angemeldet. Tsunami-Alarmsystem ist ein Joint Venture von 3Mfuture Ltd., Nevis, Heindl Internet AG, Deutschland, und PhiBlue Alpha Technologies, South Africa unter Vorsitz von Wolfram Reiners und Eduard Heindl.


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