Check out our PSOCA Demonstration!

Give PSOCA a try now with our online demonstration. It's short and you'll see in 60 seconds how easy it is to use PSOCA. First, try to buy something with a credit card that has NOT been PSOCA activated. Use the credit-card data below in our dummy-store.

valid until:01/2010

click here to open the dummy store (no actual transaction will be done)

Have you tried to check-out of the shop? You will have noticed that a purchase with a deactivated PSOCA-Card number is not possible! Making your credit card information useless to anyone but you. So, move right along and activate your PSOCA-Card. Before activation you need to login to the PSOCA-server. To do that, you would simply open the PSOCA window from a link out of your bookmarks or click on a PSOCA icon that you have downloaded from our website. Activate your PSOCA-Card by simply inputting your User-Data and follow the directions:

card-number: 12345

click here to open the PSOCA-window

Activated your card and finished your shopping? Surely you've noticed how easy and secure PSOCA can be for you. If you have further questions contact our sales representatives at

Bellow you will find the three main advantages of PSOCA in a short summary:


A purchase with a PSOCA card is only possible if the card has been activated in advance. Only you are able to activate your card with your PSOCA-number and your chosen password - it's the same as signing a credit-card transaction in the "offline-world". After a transaction your card is automatically de-activated again.


Nothing changes, the buyer enters his (PSOCA-) credit card details on the webshop of a merchant just like he is used to doing.

Just before check-out the buyer activates his PSOCA card and finishes the transaction. To activate the card the buyer opens a window via a link that he has placed, for example, in his favourites folder. After that he logs-in and activates the card. See the two example images bellow:

possibilities for opening the PSOCA window



The merchant has to change nothing in his infrastructure. No plug-ins, no additional software nothing. The card institute just adjusts their transaction authorisation process to authenticate the buyer with the PSOCA server. The merchant has to change nothing and therefore, there is no "critical mass" of shop-owners that are required to convert to PSOCA.


Once again: if you have further questions regarding PSOCA you are welcome to contact our sales representatives at


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