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Professor Dr. Wolfram Reiners

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  • Awarded the prestigious 2007 European ICT Prize for the A3M Tsunami Institute that Reiners has founded. A3M has been selected from amongst 450 applicants from 30 countries by independent experts. The European ICT Prize is the most distinguished technology award of the European Union for innovative products with great market potential. Prize winners represent the finest of European innovation in information and communication technologies.
  • Reiners has received the 2007 Prize for the Humane Usage of Information Technology, awarded by Integrata-Stiftung.
  • Reiners received the annual prize 1994 awarded by the Studienstiftung Deutscher Psychologen for his thesis on utility analysis of assessment centre personnel selection programmes.


  • Co-Inventor of the low-weight/high-load renewable energy system kite ZAP 2020/06272
  • Inventor of the kite driven watercraft power generating system GB 1916516.6; PCT IB2020/060681
  • Inventor of a pilot control device controlling a kite steering arrangement GB1907883.1; US16-890,134; EU20177860.2; Ch2020104899638; ZAP2020/03308
  • Reiners is the inventor of the kite control system GB1903146.7; PCT/IB2020/051949
  • Inventor of a steering arrangement for kites US9,828,078
  • Reiners is the inventor for the secure Internet payment system PSOCA. Transaction Authorisation System US7,685,037.
  • Co-Inventor of the tsunami alarm system for mobile phones. Patent pending at PCT and DPMA.
  • Inventor of the merchant system for digital services. Patent pending at USPTO.
  • Inventor of a method to take orders and to handle billing for mobile devices. Patent pending at EPO.
  • Inventor of a method and system to enable requested social comparison on a social network to stimulate growth.
  • Reiners is the inventor of a method to model proximity of contact between members and articulation of emotions and gestures in social networks.

Scientific Publications

  • Publications in conjoint analysis / utility analysis / mathematical statistics.
  • Publications in the area of organisational development / personnel development.
  • Publications in the area of consumer psychology.
  • Publications in the area of effective learning and memory.

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