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Foundation of Sustainability


Articles on sustainable development

Ikeda, D. (2004). Education for sustainable development. The Japan Times. Issue Nov 22, 2004.

This article triggered by the start of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in 2005 contributes Japanese and Buddhist viewpoints to the topic.
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Articles on the theoretical foundation and worldviews
supporting sustainable development

Laszlo, E. (1999). A new vision from science. Web-published document.

This article summarises the changing worldview as it arises from natural sciences. Laszlo writes: "It is our role [...] that evolution on this planet does not lead to a dead-end; that it sets forth the grand adventure of our species by creating a world where our individuality, innovation, and diversity are not the source of disunity, conflict, and degradation, but a foundation for coherence, cooperation, and coevolution."
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Further reading and details on the topic by Ervin Laszlo:
Laszlo, E. (1993). The creative cosmos. Edinburgh: Floris Books.
Laszlo, E. (1997). Third Millenium: The challenge and the vision. London: Gaia Books.
Laszlo, E. (2000). Macroshift. New York: toExcel Publishers.




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