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We regularly invest in companies with a high potential to influence future developments in information technology - says Professor Dr. Reiners, Director at 3MFuture. For our portfolio companies we provide capital, management services, advice on e-Business products and projects, as well as access to our business network.

Our current investments are briefly described below. Please click the companies' logos to learn more about them.

Should you be interested in working with us, please contact us and submit your business proposition or business plan.






social network communities

Social Network Communities and Web 2.0 Communities

Operators of Social Network Communities

Worldwide with accent on Europe and Africa


Intellectual Property

Card Issuers
and their Service Providers


Tsunami Alarm System Tsunami Alarms to Mobile Devices The Public Worldwide


Contact and Dating

The Public

Worldwide with accent on Europe and Africa

Phi Blue



Connecting Solutions
and Collaboration Products

BMW South Africa
DaimlerChrysler SA
First Rand Group

South Africa

previously trading as

Impress Software


Internet Security
and Privacy Protection

The Public


123Lexikon Encyclopedia.
Knowledge and Service
around Finance
The Public English: Finance
Deutsch: Finanzen


Please also note our offerings in the field of network security:

We offer network security trainings for your network administrators. These high value, two days training workshops ensure that your IT people stay abreast of new developments in network security. After attending our workshops, your staff will be able to design security measures into their new projects and to apply their network security knowledge in their day-to-day work.

For complete peace of mind you should book our IT security assessment or IT penetration test. Regardless of your location, we can start with remote tests via the Internet. The results will show how to protect your assets from outside attacks. At a later stage you may opt for an on-site IT security assessment of your information technology infrastructure. For this purpose we will send a small team of experts to your premises.

Our offerings in security assessments require product neutrality. The only exception is ARP Guard - currently being the only product that reliably prevents from ARP spoofing and ARP poisoning attacks - inside network attacks. An ARP Guard installation will protect your network by safely detecting all ARP attacks and defending automatically against them.





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