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Network Security - 3MFuture

Wolfram Reiners about network security: "The Internet with its open architecture has the well developed ability to connect anybody to anybody else, but network security features have long been neglected. Today, we know that security threats may be the severest limitation to effective Internet usage."


Our Network Security division offers products and services:


Training Workshops in Network Security for your network administrators or system administrators. Available are two consecutive training workshops on the topic of "hacking and security".

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IT Security Assessment - Penetration Test. We offer a comprehensive assessment package of your company's IT security status. Our experienced hackers utilise professional tools and self-developed software to do IT penetration testing and to detect the security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

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  Protect ARP Poisoning AttacksProtect ARP Attacks

ARP Guard - Protection from Inside Attacks. External attacks by hackers, viruses, worms and trojans are permanent threads to the network security of any progressive company. What is not widely known, though, is that the major portion of attacks come from within the network. Using fake ARP messages an attacker can divert all communication between two machines with the result that all traffic is exchanged via his PC. Also Voice-over-IP telephone calls (VoIP phone calls) can be tapped by these man-in-the-middle-attacks via ARP spoofing attacks.

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  secure card payment - for mobile phones or in the browser

PSOCA - Secure Online Payment. PSOCA is an invention of how card-based payments on the Internet can be performed in a secure and easy-to-use way. Credit card issuing banks or payment service providers may be interested in a licence to apply the PSOCA security mechanism for their business.

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eIntact - Internet Privacy Protection. eIntact is an Internet security and privacy protection company. The open architecture of the Internet both enables and invites snooping. Data about online movements, interests, objectives, preferences and information needs are stored and exploited by many interested and powerful parties without the user's knowledge.

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Thank you very much for your interest in our Network Security division.



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