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Mobile Wind Power Plants

Energy Ships - Energy Generating Kite Ships


Wind power is on the oceans, not on land. A rule of thumb says: The deeper the water the more wind you will find above it.

3MFuture is an early stage investor in this high-tech.
We also manage the intellectual property around this disruptive technology.

These Mobile Wind Power Plants - or ENERGY SHIPs - for instance the KITE HYDROGEN SHIP harvests wind energy on the open oceans, where there is a lot of primary energy. The ENERGY SHIPs produce inexpensive green electricity, around the clock, so called base-load electricity. Advantages:

No scarce and valuable land needs to be utilised and disfigured by wind turbines. No new power lines need to be constructed.

Maximum return on investment (ROI) because maximum primary wind energy is harvested - season independent 365 X 24.

No emissions, CO2 neutral.

100% ecological

Energy harvest in no mans' land, geo-politically independent




Protected by an extensive patents portfolio.

Video: KITE HYDROGEN SHIP project status and business plan video

Investor enquiries welcome.


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