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A3M is the winner of the prestigious European ICT Prize 2007

Tsunami warning on mobile phone




Tsunami Alarm System

The hazards that originate from tsunamis have been recognised for some time. Newspaper reports about undersea earthquakes and movies about meteor-inflicted tsunamis have contributed to public awareness of the threat. Early warning systems were constructed and deployed for instance in the Pacific Rim. Many areas in the world, however, are not covered by such traditional warning systems. At the latest in December 2004, when a tsunami has devastated wide areas bordering to the Indian Ocean, the extensive media coverage has elevated the sheer possibility, the effects and the dangers of a tsunami into global public consciousness. In the memory and perception of tourists and holidaymakers seashore sites may forever bear tsunami-related dangers, resulting in the desire for effective, reliable and easy-to-use tsunami alarm systems.

Further Information about the frequency and occurrence of tsunamis.

Our Tsunami Alarm System contributes to alleviate this problem and has been filed for patent protection. The Tsunami Alarm System has recently been introduced into the market and users can now subscribe. Subscribers to this alarm system will reliably receive an alarm to their mobile telephones, as and when a dangerous tsunami is evoked. In this way the invention enables people to take preventive action many minutes before the devastating tsunami arrives.

Beneficiaries of the tsunami alarm system are people who live and travel near the seaside.


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Business Opportunity for Merchants - hotels, retailers, kiosks, magazines, tour operators, Internet portals, petrol stations, etc. can now sign-up as merchants for the Tsunami Alarm System. Advertsing materials are available online.
Merchants also see here reports about their income >>


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The worldwide first Tsunami Alarm System for everybody has been introduced to the public at Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin in Stuttgart/Germany in a press conference on 30. September 2005. With the Tsunami Alarm System for everybody users will receive alarms onto their mobile phones - worldwide.

Please note the wealth of press and TV inserts on the first Tsunami Alarm System for everybody worldwide.


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The tsunami alarm system is operated by an international consortium. The members are 3MFuture, A3M Inc. Victoria/Seychelles and Heindl Internet AG Tübingen/Germany.

Everybody can now subscribe to the Tsunami Alarm System or get more information. Please visit the Tsunami Alarm System for everybody:

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Although a tsunami does not look like in the picture below, it helps you to gain an idea about the destructive power of a tsunami.


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