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Secure Electronic Document Courier


DocuNet is a secure electronic document courier. The system creates value in organisations, which communicate regularly and frequently with outside business partners, e.g. suppliers or customers. DocuNet supports business partner communication in a secure and auditable manner.

Secure information exchange. Unauthorised parties cannot read or alter the transmitted information. Message confidentiality is established.

Auditable information exchange. Certainty of information delivery is established. All documents and document exchanges are stored in a central database. Authorised personnel can track and trace communications. Automatic warning and escalation procedures, if a message is not delivered or read.

DocuNet can best be explained by a metaphor: Email is like a postcard - next to the sender and recipient, third parties can read the transmitted information during the sending process, alter information and prevent the information from arriving at its destination without awareness of the original communication partners. In this metaphor, DocuNet can be compared to registered mail. Nobody can read or alter the information and certainty message delivery is a given and can be traced.

The system can be deployed in an ASP scenario.
Customers: BMW South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

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