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Social Networking Community Social network - English version

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White Label Social Network Solution


white label social network solution


relenet is a platform to operate web 2.0 social network communities - or what we also call relationship networks - under your own brand. Social networks are modelling human contacts and relationships, as well as the needs, desires, skills, talents, the knowledge, preferences and the offers of its members.

A relationship network or social networking site informs for instance about the following questions

  • Who knows whom?
  • Who knows what?
  • Who can do what?
  • Who looks for what?
  • Who offers what?

It provides a wealth of information to its members about other people and allows to manage friends and business partners in a stimulating and effective environment.

The graphic may help to picture a web 2.0 social network or relationship network at a glance. It demonstrates the members of a relationship network (the dots) and the relationship between its members (the lines).


white label social network solution


3MFuture operates the platform relenet. It allows for a speedy set up of your own social network or social community under your own brand, i.e. as a whitelabel solution. The relenet social networking platform in addition promises a reliable performance of your site.

Social networks are for instance employed by

  • Companies - INTERNAL - to support knowledge exchange, i.e. to retrieve and to exchange knowledge, and to provide a place for discussions amonst its employees about work-related topics.
  • Companies - EXTERNAL - build social networking sites and web 2.0 communities around their customer target groups to do market research, to involve customers in product and service design, to generate word-of-mouth marketing and to harvest the extreme customer loyalty that members of social networking sites exhibit.
  • Advertising & Branding Companies - build and operate a social community around the interest topics of their clients or around the topic of its products and services.
  • Projects - to give project members a platform to describe themselves and also to describe what they are looking for. To ensure that skills and knowledge are found and leveraged from within the project. To give project members a plattform to express their opinions and to give project members a discussion space that is fun.
  • Industries - to bring all the players together in one social network to exchange value.
  • Organisations - to help its members with networking and knowledge exchange even though they are locally distributed.
  • Clubs & Communities - to help community building and to gain new members.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Others.

More information - e.g. in form of downloadable one-page information brochures - you will find on
relenet social network communities on-demand >>

There you will also find our Click-Demo, a Powerpoint slide show depicting the functionalities of the relenet social network communities in five minutes.

Or for more information you can please always contact us >>


White label social network solution for companies



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