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CRM Offshore Outsourcing

Call Centre Offshore Outsourcing


CRM Offshore Outsourcing. Do you wish to reduce your CRM-related costs or call centre related costs in Europe or North America? Are you thinking of setting up a call centre, but you are worried about the operating costs in a high-wages country? Are you worried about set-up time of your call centre, and the follow-up costs coming with software and hardware maintenance?

3MFuture offers low-cost, high-quality CRM offshore outsourcing services from our call centres located in Cape Town South Africa. You will be convinced by the impressive list of our blue chip reference clients. We support multiple languages, while our main capacity is in English and German.

By going the CRM offshore outsourcing route, your main benefits are

  • Same time zone between Europe and South Africa.
  • Skilled, experienced and friendly call centre staff.
  • Cost reductions of 30-50% or more.
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership - you don't require any hardware, software or maintenance of the technology.
  • Reduced risk through adaptation of your CRM costs to actual call volumes.
  • Fast set up time. Pilot period possible.

Please contact us for more information.


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