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IT companies are often looking out for superior products that can complement their customer offerings. The demand for ARP spoofing protection software is on the increase. It can be expected that this trend will stabilise and that ARP spoofing incidents will increase in the near future. Even a big-bang sceanario for ARP spoofing attacks is thinkable, where the knowledge of one huge incident will spread into the public consciousness, leading to subsequent strong demand for the ARP Guard product to protect from ARP spoofing and ARP poisoning attacks.

Voice-over-IP phone calls (VoIP phones) are on the increase for commercial use. It is easy to tap into a VoIP phone call via ARP spoofing. Companies and other organisations become more and more aware of this threat.

If you are an IT company with a network focus, a security focus or VoIP focus, and if you wish to complement your products and services with the ARP Guard security product, you are welcome to talk to us about becoming a value-added reseller or an implementation partner for our ARP Guard product.

Secure your portion of the business now and contact us.


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Thank you very much for your interest in our network security division and our ARP spoofing protection products.



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