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The art of selling over the Internet. 3MFuture has spent many years investigating the best way of selling via the Internet. While the world has been euphoric about eSales a couple of years ago, sobriety has been spreading. Selling products or services on the web is certainly not easy and it takes a lot of experience and best products to obtain return on investment.

We have realised that the crucial factors for a successful eShop project are

  • A content management system that is easy to maintain
    ("the storeroom")
  • A fast, reliable and easy-to-use shopping cart system
    ("the till")
  • Integrated and automated online marketing

These three crucial components have been brought together by our eCommerce and eSales projects over time. Now, we are ready to implement and deploy your eShop system very fast and at exceptionally low cost.


The Search Engine Optimised Internet Shop


HeindlStore. The search engine optimised eShop. 3MFuture is an authorised distributor of HeindlStore systems.

We can guarantee best conditions and performance by choosing this Internet shop system from us. The main differentiator is that the products of your Internet shop will automatically obtain top search engine positions - and hence lots of visitors. Guaranteed. Even very generic product names, like "dog food" or "ink", receive positions in Google amongst the top 10. Hence many qualified visitors appear at your eShop.

Should you wish to learn more about the HeindlStore system, please read our white paper on shops with search engine optimisation or contact us.


Professor Dr. Reiners opinion: "The HeindlStore is currently the Internet shop system of choice. It does not only provide an excellent cart and content management system. It differentiates itself by its search engine optimisation functionality, which is a built-in marketing capability that is unmatched by other eShop systems."

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