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Articles on Secure Internet Payment

or Secure Online Payment


E-Tailing on the line
by Christopher T Heun (2002)
Fear of cyber-thieves remain the biggest drag on the growth of e-commerce. The major credit-card companies and banks, along with a few dozen e-retailers, are trying to address that by developing password-based systems to reduce fraud.

Guaranteed Transactions, the Quest for the ‘Holy Grail’
by Oliver Steeley (2001)
The legend of the search for the Holy Grail became the principal quest of the knights of King Arthur and has endured for hundreds of years in western literature and arts. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the beginning of their crusade, this article looks at two of the most recent developments in the saga from the main protagonists, VISA and MasterCard - 3D Secure and SPA/UCAF - and highlights the difficulties they face.

Visa 3-D Secure vs. MasterCard SPA
by GPayments (2002)
A comparison of online authentication standards.
"Visa 3-D Secure and MasterCard SPA have set out to achieve the same outcome, which is the introduction of authentication for online payment transactions. [...] We have examined some of the strength and weaknesses of Visa 3-D Secure and MasterCard SPA from the perspectives of the participants - Cardholders, issuers, merchants and acquirers. [...] It would be a remarkable achievement for Visa to make 3-D Secure ubiquitous as no other organisation (including Microsoft) has yet been able to bring structure and centralization to the distributed and often chaotic evolution of the Internet. [...] Both Visa and MasterCard are facing competition for online authentication [...]. There is a chance that neither Visa nor MasterCard will dictate the standard for online authentication."

Merging Digital Wallets with Peer-to-Peer Payments to drive Consumer and Merchant Adoption
by Jupiter Research (2001)
Why have wallets failed to gain consumer adoption? Why have peer-to-peer payments failed to gain adoption at merchant sites?



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