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PSOCA Mobile

Secure mPayment to Remote Merchants

after Mobile Authentication


  secure mpayment

secure mobile remote payment


PSOCA card displayed on a mobile phone. The card is normally deactivated and can only be activated by the cardholder.



Gain a fast overview with the PSOCA onepage information papers

C - PSOCA Mobile can be deployed on a mobile telephone or any other handheld computer. PSOCA brings the consumer's credit card to the mobile phone. With this, customers can perform secure transactions with any Internet merchant or iTV merchant worldwide - because cardholders are authenticated via their mobile phones.
PSOCA Mobile onepage paper C >>


The PSOCA Click Demo
The PSOCA Click Demo allows to imagine PSOCA from the consumer's perspective within 5 minutes.

Download the PSOCA Click Demo >> [right-click and save]
[The file size of the Demo is about 1,5 MB.
We recommend that you right-click on the link and save the Click Demo to your hard drive. View the Demo by opening the saved file, which is a MS Powerpoint Slide Show.]


The PSOCA Prototype
An Internet-based demonstration of the PSOCA secure ePayment system from the consumer's perspective.
Start the PSOCA Prototype >>


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Articles on mobile payment

Update on Global M-Payment
by Karim Tanga and Johan Karlsson (2005).
This is an update of the 2004 M-Payment report by Arthur D. Little. It dicusses changes in the m-payment sector, industry trends and lessons learnt from successful m-payment providers.

Making M-Payment a Reality
by Karim Tanga and Johan Karlsson (2004).
M-Payments, or the use of a mobile device during the transaction process for payments at vending machines, for parking, in a retail store, or over the Internet, is set to take off, according to recent global study by Arthur D. Little.

Wettlauf mit verteilten Rollen. Mobile Commerce.
by Ludger Tump and Carsten H. Rossbach (2001).
Der Wettlauf um Zahlungsverfahren im Mobile Commerce ist in vollem Gange. Kreditkartengesellschaften und Banken versuchen, die Netzbetreiber aus ihrem Stammgeschäft heraus zu halten. Die jedoch brauchen die neuen Wertschöpfungsquellen. Und sie sind in einer durchaus günstigen Ausgangslage. Die Experten sind sich einig wie selten: Das mobile Internet wird sich zu einem attraktiven Vertriebskanal für Waren und Dienstleistungen beinahe aller Art entwickeln. Allerdings: Noch hat sich kein Zahlungsverfahren als Standard für den so genannten MCommerce etablieren können.


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