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Secure Remote Payment - Further Information


  secure card-based payment to remote merchants    

PSOCA card displayed in an Internet browser. The card is very easy to use, no new tricks need to be learned by the cardholder.



Gain a fast overview with the PSOCA onepage information papers

A - General overview over PSOCA secure ePayment.
PSOCA onepage paper A >>

B - PSOCA payment technology from the consumers' perspective.
PSOCA onepage paper B >>


The PSOCA Click Demo
The PSOCA Click Demo allows to imagine PSOCA from the consumer's perspective within 5 minutes.

Download the PSOCA Click Demo >> [right-click and save]
[The file size of the Demo is about 1,5 MB.
We recommend that you right-click on the link and save the Click Demo to your hard drive. View the Demo by opening the saved file, which is a MS Powerpoint Slide Show.]


The PSOCA Prototype
An Internet-based demonstration of the PSOCA secure ePayment system from the consumer's perspective.
Start the PSOCA Prototype >>



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